Vincent Herring presents:
All Star Orchestra
Jazz – The Story
an exciting trip through the Jazz history

This amazing group is performing in an exciting, phantastic project, nobody did that before. We will give the audience the chance of a lifetime, absolutely beautiful show, where you can feel with your heart and hear the History of Jazzmusic from the start when the African slaves’ drumming and work songs that led to the Blues – the basic of all Jazz.

Jazz – The Story will be a 90-minute multimedia performance of live music, narration, and historic images. The Orchestra consisting of some of the top jazz musicians on the scene today will perform musical examples of each style. Great international star musicians are performing this show.

The band is guiding you through the history of jazz from Blues to Ragtime to Swing to Bebop to Cool. The 1950s and 60s were a particularly fertile time for jazz, with many genres emerging. There was Louis Armstrong, the most influential figures in Jazz, the Hard Bop of Miles Davis and Art Blakey; the Modal Jazz of Miles and John Coltrane; Soul Jazz, with many Hard Bop musicians adopting this style; and the Bossa Nova craze.

Latin Jazz and Free or Avant-Garde Jazz, pioneered by Ornette Coleman, also developed during this period. After delving into these earlier jazz movements, the program moves on to Fusion and Post-Bop, and finally, reflects on the many different styles of jazz being played today. The band is going with you through a long travel, giving you also the opportunity to understand the history of this amazing music which has doing many steps. 1917 was recorded in New York the first album with a band from New Orleans.

Line up:

Vincent Herring - alto, soprano, flute, clarinet, bandleader
Jeremy Pelt - trumpet
Eric Alexander - tenor
James Carter - tenor, flute,clarinet
Wycliff Gordon - trombone
Mike LeDonne - piano / keyboards, hammond
Kenny Davis - bass/ electric
Carl Allen - drums
Nicolas Bearde - voice/ narrations